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Blake Island Visit

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

In April 2021 we made a day trip to Blake Island to check it out as a lunch stop on our upcoming cruise to South Puget Sound. It was the first day of the lodge being open since the beginning of the 2020 Covid-19 restrictions. The marina was not very crowded and finding an open slip was easy. There are one or two slips reserved for Argosy Cruise Lines but there is also a place to dock your dinghy in case the marina is full and you need to tie up to a nearby mooring buoy. The Longhouse Café in the lodge was open and we were surprised at the presence of waiters busy delivering hot food to the various picnic areas and tables surrounding the lodge. We had a very relaxing picnic/restaurant lunch at one of the tables next to the lodge. The park ranger explained that although his presentations are timed to coincide with the Argosy cruise guest arrivals, anyone is welcome to join in and participate.

It was great to be outdoors, the weather was warm and only partly cloudy, the views are amazing and just gazing out over the marina and Puget Sound was relaxing enough to make you want to stay longer. Later that afternoon, we cruised around the island to check out the mooring buoys and beaches to scout out where we may want to tie up if the marina is full this summer when we stop by on our cruise. The video shows the marina, lodge, and beaches along the coast of the island. The link below has more information and use it to check on the lodge and restaurant hours.

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