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Rub Rail Revival

It appeared my rub rails had been doing their job very well and often. I had white paint or plastic on them in one section that would not come off with any cleaner. The East Coast Camano Owners handbook mentions the use of acetone for cleaning and restoring rub rails. I tried acetone but it seemed to just smear the discolorations without dissolving or removing them. It is possible my rub rails are made of a different material than the older Camano's. I then tried paint thinner applied to a scotch pad which worked very well. The white paint took quite a bit of rubbing as if I was just wearing it off manually, but it did come completely off. The rest of the discolorations came off very easily. Once the paint thinner is dry the rails will look very dull even though they are clean. I found a bottle of Turtle Wax auto bumper restorer in my cabinet. It is used to restore the black plastic found on auto trim and bumpers. I applied this with a microfiber cloth and then buffed it dry. This really worked to bring back the luster and shine in the rails. I used it by itself on some other plastic parts such as the caps on the anchor step switches on the bow with good success. I also put it on the black plastic window casings to bring back their luster. In the photo below, the left side of the two upper rails have been cleaned with the paint thinner and have had the Turtle Wax restored applied. They aren't exactly like new, but close, and show quite an improvement.

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