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Salmon Resting and Feeding Behind a Rock as Shown on Fish Finder Near Shilshole Marina

The fish finder on Clifford is highly accurate and versatile having two operating frequencies. The high frequency (200 KHz) gives the best details and is meant to be used at shallow depths. The low frequency (50 KHz) penetrates deeper and is most helpful at deeper depths but has less resolution than the data from the 200 KHz transmissions. The fish finder works by sending out a sound (pressure) wave and recording any returning sound called the echo. Echo's represent various objects that have had the sound wave bounce off of them such as the bottom, rocks, and the fish bladders within the fish. These are the usual objects that you will see on the display. However, if you cruise under the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, you will see the debris field of the collapsed original bridge. Sunken ships can also be located.

To bring up a fish finder display, momentarily press the "page" button in the upper right hand corner of the MFD. Press multiple times while watching the various pages at the bottom of the screen become highlighted going from left to right. Once you get past the nautical chart and radar screens, a split screen having the nautical chart and fish finder will be highlighted. The next page will be a screen containing only the fish finder. Select either one and the fish finder image will be displayed. The depth scale is chosen automatically and the parameters have already been properly set.

The image above is from the page that has only the fish finder displayed on it. The soft keys at the bottom of the screen allow you to display several options for this page. Here, I've selected "Preset P3 Shallow" which is displaying the 200 KHz data on a zoomed in screen on the left and a full scale screen (surface to bottom) on the right. You can see a large rock on the bottom with several large fish just to the left of it. Each fish detected will have it's depth annotated next to it. These are most likely salmon resting and feeding in the lower velocity water where the flow is obstructed by the rock. This was taken just outside the Shilshole Marina where the depth is shown to be 87.3 ft.

In the image above, I've selected "Preset P2 Dual". This displays the 200 KHz data on the left and the 50 KHz data on the right. There appears to be a small school of fish just above 150 ft on both screens. Both images seem to have about the same resolution at this depth.

The 4 presets saved in the system provide sufficient display options for all fish finding operations and I prefer that they not be changed.

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